Poet Reflects the War


"Poet Reflects the War" #94/500  By Jerry Garcia - Signed in Pencil by the Artist

Size: 13.5" x 17"

"A portrait of Robert Hunter is seen at a brick window peering out into a lurid and haunted atmosphere. A form emerging from his head absorbs vibrations and static while subordinate imagery and faces float in the background."

 - Manasha Garcia and Roberta Weir

This is the actual #94/500 of the famous "Poet Reflects the War" painting by Jerry Garcia.  From the collection of Irwin Sternberg, the founder and creator of the world famous "Jerry Garcia Neckwear", the most widely sold tie in history.    Mr. Sternberg has graciously allowed us to represent the remaining works in his collection, all of which were acquired by him directly from Jerry Garcia and family.  This is a very very rare opportunity to own a work with an incredible history, and once these are sold there will be no more.  Own a chapter of history...

Full provenance and Certificate of Authenticity included. Overnight Shipping Included.

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