StraxAR™ Augmented Reality Enterprise Platform and Companion App

Once in a lifetime an entirely new artistic medium emerges and changes everything. 
StraxAR™ augmented reality enables artists to combine music, film, visual art and more where the digital and physical world meet - opening new doors of perception and artistic expression. 

StraxAR is the easiest to use “point and scan” AR app in the world.  Any one of its target objects or images will start unique experiences immediately worldwide.  With StraxAR you can turn any widely distributed target or image into your own private “broadcast” network, influencing millions of individuals and creating information and monetization opportunities like no other.

The StraxAR™ Equation:

  1.   Ignite attention
  2. + Hold Attention
  3. + Personally Relevant
  4. + Offer a valuable, contextual, and compelling call to action with a reward
= Effective, engaged and transactional results. Monetize, Educate, directly or indirectly.
Strax Technologies Inc. created our enterprise application “StraxAR™” to enable rapid creation and distribution of AR experiences across a global CDN, which can then be monetized immediately with the integrated embedding of “purpose built” transactional web based pages.

Key advantages to StraxAR™:

Scalable: Our platform is cloud resident and can scale to "N" number of users and N number of AR “experiences” worldwide.

Targeted: Aggregate multiple targets immediately to focus attention to a single experience, or fan out multiple experiences across multiple targets with ease.

Differentiation: Differentiate and offer demographic focused AR experiences across same targets.  Example: The same product label can be engineered to launch different AR experiences for targeted monetization across different demographics or customer bases.

Speed: All AR video experiences are streamed from our cloud servers in real time, not downloaded and stay resident.  Our proprietary model ensures reliable and fast streaming in very low bandwidth environments globally.

Ability to “pin” or “unpin” with ease: Our enterprise console allows the user to choose to pin and auto-detect the AR experience to the target, or unpin permitting the customer to “break away” from the target and carry the AR experience with them.

Superior Image Recognition:

Images and objects are recognizable in the real world and on a computer or TV screen for broad coverage.

“White Label” and Embedding Available:

We are happy to “white label” and brand appropriately for the client or engineer the app to be embedded into a parent flagship application.

Our ability to create monetizing AR experiences is the fastest in industry:

Our simple enterprise panel allows rapid-fire organization and “binding” of AR experiences + re-directs for the user to present transactional experiences.  These transactional experiences can be monetizing, rewarding, or educational, etc. A single employee can easily be hyper-responsive to the needs of the business – making changes or updates that are reflected worldwide in moments for consumer or business audiences.

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