StraxAR™ | Target Images

Once in a lifetime an entirely new artistic medium emerges and changes everything. 
StraxAR™ augmented reality enables artists to combine music, film, visual art and more where the digital and physical world meet - opening new doors of perception and artistic expression. 

Welcome to the StraxAR™ Image Target Page!  Here you will find Image Targets to try out StraxAR!.  These image targets will work worldwide, not just on your computer screen.  In other words, if you have one of the album covers, books, magazine covers, photos, or stickers or whatever in your collection, open StraxAR™ and point your device at the album cover and watch what happens.  Likewise if the image target is on a billboard or a magazine or wherever, StraxAR™ will respond!

Sample Image Targets:

Journey Greatest Hits With Neal Schon - Pinned:



 Journey Revelation with Neal Schon - Pinned:



 Journey Escape with Neal Schon - Unpinned



 Tommy Hilfiger - Pinned:



Hillsong United With Carl Lentz - Pinned:



Carl Lentz on Carl Lentz - Pinned: