StraxAR™ & Neal Schön Music Presents:

How To Use the StraxAR™:

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1. Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the app!

2. Sign in to the app with your Name and Email address (no password needed and this is a free app!)

3.  Check the box acknowledging not to use when driving or operating a motor or human powered vehicle! 

3.  Once the app opens, allow it to access your camera, then  hit the “launch” button that will appear at the bottom left of your screen

4.  Point the StraxAR™ camera screen viewfinder at any Starbucks logo, or Journey, Neal Schon, Bad English, and select Santana Album Covers or select Jerry Garcia art or ANY of the images in our catalog and you will be presented with EXCLUSIVE digital content and MORE!  Always see where StraxAR™ takes you!

At end of the digital experience wait for more discovery and other fan special items!  

Image Target Catalog Page:

These "image targets" will work worldwide, not just on your computer screen.  In other words, if you have one of the album covers, books, magazine covers, photos, or stickers or whatever in your collection, open StraxAR™ and point your device at the album cover and watch what happens.  Likewise if the image target is on a billboard or a magazine or wherever, StraxAR™ will respond!

Sample Image Targets:

1. Capitol Theatre / Garcia's Logo (Pinned):



Starbucks™ Logo - UnPinned:

Journey Greatest Hits With Neal Schon - Pinned:



 Journey Revelation with Neal Schon - Pinned:



 Journey Escape with Neal Schon - Unpinned



















StraxAR™ augmented reality enables artists to combine music, film, visual art and more where the digital and physical world meet - opening new doors of perception and artistic expression!