How To Use & Image Targets:

1. Sign in to the app with your Name and Email address (no password needed and this is a free app!)

2.  Check the box acknowledging not to use when driving or operating a motor or human powered vehicle! 

3.  Once the app opens, allow it to access your camera, then  hit the “launch” button that will appear at the bottom left of your screen...

4.  Point the StraxAR™ camera screen viewfinder at any "Image Target" and you will be presented with EXCLUSIVE digital content and MORE!  SEE where StraxAR™ takes you!

Image Target Catalog Page:

Wherever you see one of these image targets on planet earth, and whatever you see it on - just point your device at the image and watch what happens!  StraxAR™ will respond with exclusive AR experiences - and always WAIT until the end to see where StraxAR™ takes you!

Click Here for Sample Image Targets