Peter Max : "Miss Charlotte"


Original Acrylic on Canvas 24" x  24" Canvas Area
"Miss Charlotte" is one of the most unique paintings Peter Max ever painted, and to the best of our knowledge, the only vintage juxtaposition he ever did. 
Peter was intrigued with the idea of contrasting the stoic expression of a turn of the century subject, with explosive colors and vibrancy around her that were his hallmark style.  "Miss Charlotte" was an especially interesting subject as her history and reputation was one of discipline and a matriarch to her students at the school she founded.  The 180-degree contrast of Peter's colors and technique to her sepia-toned world and Victorian boundaries is evident - one can almost see the energy of Peter's work trying to transmit 21st century emotion into her. 
Again, for the first time ever here at Strax, we are proud to reveal "Miss Charlotte" by Peter Max.  This is the ONLY one, and there will never be another edition.  One of the rarest Peter Max paintings in the world.

Collections: Peter Max - Originals

Type: Unknown Type

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