StraxArt™ to Debut Exclusive Art Collection from Iconic Performer and Musician Jerry Garcia

November 05, 2018

WASHINGTONAug. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- StraxArt™, the principal brand of parent company Strax Technologies Inc., official worldwide licensee of Jerry Garcia's artworks and innovative firm behind a new wave of limited edition digital art collections and film experiences, including the popular online "Jerry Garcia Collection", is proud to announce the global debut of the "Jerry Garcia Music and Art Exhibition" in partnership with the Hamilton Live in Washington D.C. on August 1st, the birthday of the late Jerry Garcia.  This event is the first of a national tour being currently scheduled of the Jerry Garcia Art Collection.

For decades, the late Jerry Garcia enchanted millions with his music and as lead guitarist for the Grateful Dead.  Jerry Garcia was also a prolific visual artist and painter, creating countless works over the years, but many of his works have been inaccessible to the public for decades or never before presented. 


StraxArt™ has created the Jerry Garcia Collectionfor thousands to embrace and enjoy while reflecting back on the memory, love, and magic of Jerry's music and now his artwork.  Fans who attend the event will be able to view and purchase the licensed official fine art prints of Jerry Garcia, in one of the largest public exhibit collections of Jerry Garcia artworks ever assembled.  StraxArt™ was granted access to Jerry Garcia's original artworks by members of the Garcia family, and will also present several works never before seen by the public at the exclusive event.

This unique experience will be hosted at The Hamilton Live in conjunction with the venue's second annual Days Between Concert Series. The Days Between begins each on August 1, celebrating Jerry's birthday, and continues through the 9th, which marks the anniversary of his passing. This concert series features a curated selection of Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia inspired band. This year's lineup includes John Kadlecik, Live Dead & Riders 69, Dead on Live, and The Garcia Project. 

"In sharing his artwork, I get to share what his mind was like off of the stage; the kind of things he'd like to do to keep his hands busy. I feel like artwork kept his mind challenged and stimulated," said Trixie Garcia, "So I partnered with these guys so we can get his entire life's work online for people to look at and examine." 

"The goal of this event is to not only make Jerry's art more approachable, but also to create a dialogue between his vast body of work across all mediums," says Keith Berquist, marketing manager for The Hamilton Live. "Ultimately we would love to see the lines start to blur between the music being performed on stage and the art on display. That's part of why it's so amazing that we have the opportunity to unveil never before seen works, which, in a way, are the intersection of Jerry's visual art and his music."

"We are incredibly honored to represent the art of Jerry Garcia around the world," said Eric Singleton, CTO of Strax Technologies Inc., "Our innovative application of unique technologies toward the fusion of fine art, music, and the augmented digital experience allows us to open new doors to the discovery and understanding of artistic expression like never before."

Strax Technologies will continue to present new limited edition works going forward, and will also hold select live events fulfilling the mission to make the art of Jerry Garcia accessible to millions of fans worldwide. Visit the online gallery hereto see some beautiful examples of his works.

"It's a landmark event," said Steve Kranz, COO of Stonehenge Licensing Consultants LLC, and partner with Strax Technologies, "after months of planning we are beyond excited to be able to share this with the public."

"We are thrilled to collaborate with The Hamilton Live for our debut event, and feel strongly it will groove well with the awareness and feeling we are building around Jerry Garcia's art, making it accessible to everyone as a celebration," said Lee West, Chief Creative Officer for Strax Technologies Inc.

For more information or to host one of these exciting music and art gallery events for the national tour please contact:

Eric Singleton
Strax Technologies Inc.

For more information on the "Jerry Garcia Collection," visit

About Jerry Garcia Collection 
The "Jerry Garcia Collection" features art and writings from the Garcia private family archives. This limited-edition collection is full of museum quality prints that include an estate certificate of authenticity. The "Jerry Garcia Collection" is brought to everyone as a collaboration between Strax Technologies Inc., and Jerry Garcia Family Provisions, LLC. Strax Technologies Inc. creates, digitizes and modernizes the accessibility, distribution, Augmented Reality, and printing of fine and unique art and related products.