Strax Technologies Inc. to Debut Exclusive Art Collection from Iconic Performer and Writer, Eartha Kitt

November 01, 2018

WESTPORT, Conn.April 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Strax Technologies Inc., the innovative company behind a new wave of digital art collections, and most recently the popular "Jerry Garcia Collection", the official online art collection of Jerry Garcia's artwork, is proud to announce the global launch of the "Eartha Kitt Collection" and signing of a three-year global merchandise license agreement with Eartha Kitt Productions Inc.  During this period Strax Technologies Inc. will collaborate with the estate of Eartha Kitt and Kitt Shapiro, CEO of Eartha Kitt Productions Inc., and Stonehenge Licensing Consultants to create and develop compelling works that shed a brighter light on Eartha Kitt as an accomplished writer and multi-dimensional artist.

Strax Technologies Inc, under their brand "StraxArt™" will incorporate new and creative visual art elements to produce a limited edition collection of important and accessible works based on Eartha Kitt's powerful gift of writing and social commentary.  StraxArt™ has commissioned superb artists and sculptors to amplify the wide range of insightful writings of Eartha Kitt, known as her "Kittisms", hard hitting observations on issues of love, living, and the struggles of life – but from the rare perspective of one of our nation's most treasured icons.  The "Eartha Kitt Collection" images and artwork are stamped with the Eartha Kitt Estate seal certifying their authenticity. The limited edition prints are available for purchase and come with a facsimile of Eartha's signature and separate Certificate of Authenticity.

Strax Technologies will continue to present new limited edition works going forward, and will also hold select live events fulfilling the mission to make the writings of Eartha Kitt accessible to millions of fans worldwide.

"The 'Eartha Kitt Collection' is giving the world a window into a different side of my mother," said Eartha's daughter, Kitt Shapiro, about her mother's words and wisdom. "Whether my mother was onstage, on a set, or at home digging in her vegetable garden, she was always writing down her thoughts, feelings, and observations."

"She coined them "Kittisms". People close to her loved to soak up her philosophy.  After she died I created a little book with many of these writings and gave them as gifts to important people in her life.  I was touched by the impact that her words had on everyone and I began to share her wisdom on social media.  The Eartha Kitt Collection is a result of fans old and new relating to her profound and timeless insights."

"We are honored and thrilled to represent Eartha Kitt in this way," said Eric Singleton, CTO of Strax Technologies Inc. "Eartha Kitt was a woman of the ages, so far ahead in her own time that her writings and observations are a benchmark for today." Singleton continued, "The nation and the world need to experience her in this way. The technology we employ enables us to create these stunning works as sustainably sourced heirloom pieces, to be enjoyed and shared for generations."

"Our deep understanding of the synergies between fine art and social trends allows us to open the doors of discovery and understanding of the writings of Eartha Kitt like never before," said Lee West, Chief Creative Officer for Strax Technologies Inc. "It's a remarkable opportunity to present the works of Eartha Kitt in parts of the world where her fame is associated uniquely to her performances."

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About Eartha Kitt Collection 
The "Eartha Kitt Collection" features art, photographs, and writings from Kitt's private family archives. This limited-edition collection, is full of museum quality prints that include an estate certificate of authenticity. The "Eartha Kitt Collection" is brought to consumers from a collaboration between Strax Technologies Inc., and Eartha Kitt Productions, LLC. Strax Technologies Inc. creates, digitizes and modernizes the accessibility, distribution, and printing of fine and unique art.